No More Messy Impressions

Our office has replaced those conventional goopy dental impressions with the high-tech iTero® scanner. The iTero® small wand creates an exact digital replica of your mouth so we can make orthodontic appliances, Invisalign® aligners, and more. The iTero® scan is quicker, easier, and more efficient due to its exact precision.

An orthodontic evaluation will determine the best treatment approach. Please call today if it is time to schedule your child’s first orthodontic evaluation, or if you wish to learn more about treatment for yourself.

iTeroNo Goop. No Gag. No Worries! No gooey mess associated with impression materials.

Low Dose Imaging with i-CAT 3D Imaging Technology

Facial ShotLower dose radiation by customizing the desired targeted area.

Accurate 3D images of the skull, sinuses, airways, teeth, roots and joints to create a comprehensive and accurate orthodontic treatment.