your first visitYour children’s first dental visit is an important step along the road to keeping their teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime. You can take comfort in knowing that our team will work to ensure that first visit is as pleasant and educational as possible. It is common for parents to have questions about what will happen when you arrive for the appointment, so this page gives you a sneak preview:

First Visit- What to Expect

This first visit includes an oral examination so the pediatric dentist can inspect the teeth, gums, tongue, jaw and roof of the mouth. We check for cavities, gum problems and developmental abnormalities.

The initial visit also may include digital X-rays, which are quick and easy electronic images of the head, jaw and mouth. The dentist uses these images to inspect for hidden cavities, as well as the shape of the jaw, how unerupted adult teeth are positioned, and the progress of loose baby teeth.

In most cases, this visit includes a gentle teeth cleaning. The cleaning procedure for children includes plaque and tartar removal from tooth surfaces and along the gum line. Flossing and polishing are important to the cleaning process, and the importance of plaque control is stressed in simple terms that are easy for our young patients to understand.

Our dental team is dedicated to disease prevention, so we may recommend preventive treatments such as fluoride applications and dental sealants after the oral examination and cleaning.

Your family’s first visit to our office isn’t about us… it’s about you! Please come prepared with any questions or concerns regarding your children’s dental health. We are here to provide you with an exciting, safe place to learn how to keep your children’s smiles healthy and beautiful for life.