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A orthodontist in Medway, MA knows that having crooked or uneven teeth can diminish your confidence and prevent you from flashing your patented smile. That is why it is important to have a reliable orthodontist in Medway, MA. An orthodontist in Medway, MA specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of teeth or jaws that are improperly positioned. Additionally, dentists and orthodontists in Medway, MA offers a wide range of dental services, including bite correction and oral therapy. There are also certain treatments that a regular dentist may not be able to perform and may require the expertise of dentists and orthodontists in Medway, MA.

The Differences Between a Dentist and Orthodontist in Medway, MA

There are several distinctions between a regular dentist and an orthodontist in Medway, MA. A regular dentist offers general services, such as teeth whitening, prophylaxis, gum care, and more. On the other hand, dentists and orthodontists in Medway, MA can provide you with braces, wires, retainers, and other corrective appliances. In addition, dentists and orthodontists in Medway, MA can remedy biting issues, gaps, as well as overcrowded teeth. To sum it up, dentists and orthodontists in Medway, MA are primarily concerned about the alignment of your jaws and teeth.

The Path of an Orthodontist in Medway, MA

Although a regular dentist and an orthodontist in Medway, MA may have similar educational backgrounds, the path of the latter takes a bit longer. After graduating from dental school, dentists and orthodontists in Medway, MA need to serve a two- or three-year residency in orthodontics. Additionally, dentists and orthodontists in Medway, MA have to be certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. All in all, an aspiring orthodontist in Medway, MA has to complete 10–11 years of higher education—certainly no small feat.

Services of an Orthodontist in Medway, MA

  • Braces: Providing traditional braces is one of the most common services an orthodontist in Medway, MA offers. The function of a set of braces is to correct misaligned teeth. Also, dentists and orthodontists in Medway, MA utilize braces to maximize all the available space as well as create additional space if needed.
  • Bite Correction: Some people are prone to overbites, underbites, and other dental spacing problems. An orthodontist in Medway, Massachusetts offers a variety of treatments for these conditions. For instance, you can get a palate extender that is customized based on the structure of your mouth. Another option in Medway, MA would be to get a titanium anchorage device that can effectively remedy typical bite issues.
  • Mouthpieces: A common accessory among professional athletes, mouthpieces serve as a dependable form of teeth protection. If you regularly engage in sports or other athletic activities, an orthodontist in Medway, MA will most likely recommend a mouthpiece for you. Whenever you experience sudden impact, the mouthpiece will serve as your teeth’s first line of defense.

Specialized Treatments of an Orthodontist in Medway, MA

  • Extraction: There are cases wherein braces or bite correction devices may not be sufficient to align your teeth. During situations like these, dentists and orthodontists in Medway, MA may opt to perform an interceptive treatment, particularly the extraction of problematic teeth.
  • Physical Therapy: Sometimes, constant physical therapy in Medway, MA is necessary to align crooked teeth. Physical therapy is a common form of corrective treatment that an orthodontist in Medway, Massachusetts is capable of performing. Also, dentists and orthodontists can provide you with a device that aids in pain relief—ideal for anyone who is undergoing physical or oral therapy.

Find an Orthodontist in Medway, MA

Now that you have a better understanding of the field of orthodontics, the next step is finding dentists and orthodontists in Medway, MA you can count on. You need a dentist in Medway, MA who can provide you with immediate treatments, as well as long-term oral health care. Pediatric Dental of Millis is a clinic for those in Medway, MA that is trusted by families for all their orthodontic needs. Why entrust your teeth to just any dentist when you can go to a reputable orthodontist in Medway, Massachusetts? Visit Pediatric Dental of Millis today! If you have any additional questions on orthodontic care then read the following artcle: http://www.dentistryiq.com/articles/2013/11/are-braces-better-than-invisalign.html

Pediatric Dental of Millis – Orthodontist in Medway, MA

Proper dental work can start as early as when you get your first tooth. Dentists and orthodontists in Medway, MA agree that the state of your teeth affects speech, appearance, and digestion, the importance of regular dentist visits cannot be overstated for adults but especially for young children whose permanent teeth are only just coming in.

Pediatric Dental of Millis strives to make sure that your child has the best dental experience with us. Our dentistry specializes in pediatric dentistry and orthodontic treatment in Medway, MA. Aside from providing premium dental work in a fun, positive atmosphere, we also guide parents and caregivers on how to uphold proper oral hygiene at home.

Kid-Friendly Treatment – Orthodontist in Medway, MA

At Pediatric Dental of Millis, our dentistry knows how critical it is that your child’s first visit to the dentist is positive and stress-free. This first meeting in Medway, MA sets the tone for future dental appointments; a good experience may even make them look forward to any succeeding dentist’s visits in Medway, MA.

Our professionally-trained pediatric dentists in Medway, MA excel at addressing and managing your children’s dental anxieties and fears. We ensure that the children under our lead get a positive experience that is tailored to their specific needs. Our dentists even have hospital privileges at Franciscan Hospital for Children in Brighton, which is near Medway, Massachusetts, should your child need general anesthesia.

Get a Big Smile With Our Pediatric and Orthodontic Services – Orthodontist in Medway, MA

Our Medway clinic of orthodontists has been providing a variety of services, from the preventive to the restorative. Our dentistry in Medway, MA treats children from infancy to adolescence, including those with special health needs. Preventive treatments usually start when children are old enough to sit still for a cleaning in Medway, Massachusettss.

It is infinitely better to prevent dental problems than to make adults and children undergo treatment. For those in Medway, MA, we are providing the following services to help prevent decay and other dental issues:

  • Digital dental X-rays – This is a diagnostic tool used to detect potential problems that the naked eye can’t see. To minimize radiation exposure, patients wear a lead apron with a thyroid collar.
  • Fluoride treatment – This topical treatment helps decrease the chance of tooth decay and can repair teeth in the early stages of disease.
  • Dental sealants – Sealants create a shield to protect molar surfaces from cavities.
  • Counseling – Our discussion with parents cover topics such as healthy nutritional and dietary habits, as well as bottle and sippy cup use and hygiene.
  • Teeth cleaning and flossing – These remove plaque and tartar and are followed by polishing.
  • Custom athletic mouth guards – Our dentistry will create a custom-made athletic mouth guard that will allow your child to breathe and speak easily. This way, he or she will be more willing to wear it while playing sports, thus preventing injury and concussions.

Our dentistry in Medway, MA also provide restorative treatments such as fillings and crowns if it is too late to prevent decay. Our dentists can accurately identify and assess your child’s dental issues and capably manage it with the right treatments in Medway, Massachusetts. Those whose teeth aren’t aligned and may need braces or other kinds of orthodontic work can also come to our clinic of orthodontists in Medway, MA. We can assess if your child has malocclusion, jaw growth discrepancies, or teeth that are out of alignment, and monitor your child’s teeth and jaw growth. Our orthodontic treatments in Medway, MA are also available today for adults. We offer the following types of braces:

  • Metal braces – Metal braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and are the most common type of braces.
  • Ceramic braces – Made of translucent material, ceramic braces offer more aesthetic appeal but are also more fragile and prone to discoloration.
  • Invisalign® – The Invisalign® System is a series of clear overlay templates. Generated by a computer simulation, these aligners gradually move the teeth. This system is available to adult patients.
  • SureSmile® – The SureSmile® system offers faster treatment times than traditional dental braces.

Rely on Pediatric Dental of Millis for Quality Dental Care – Orthodontist in Medway, MA

Dental visits shouldn’t be stressful, anxiety-inducing, and traumatic for children in Medway, MA. If you want a healthy, happy smile for you and your children, we at Pediatric Dental of Millis will be more than happy to accommodate you. Come visit our office today! Request an appointment through our website to get a bigger, healthier smile.